Social enterprise Hey Girls is committed to delivering period products that are both environmentally and socially responsible, aiming to tackle period poverty via a ‘buy one, give one’ donation system that helps women and girls in need, through its sales.

Hey Girls enlisted Avant to position the company as a leading social enterprise fighting period poverty, and to help educate consumers on the issue including its impact on women and girls, and just how widespread it is in society, as well as promoting the importance of switching to eco-friendly period products.

Our Work

What We Did

In order to communicate Hey Girls’ important message around period poverty, Avant executed a strategic campaign comprising press material designed to educate around the subject of period poverty as well as the impact of single use period products on the planet.

The campaign aimed to position Hey Girls as a go-to for ethical products, via features that listed the range amongst the ‘best period products’, utilised expert comments from key figures within the business, addressed topical issues and engaged in current conversations, and promoted the brand’s social enterprise angle.

The Stats


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Avant secured over 30 pieces of national coverage for Hey Girls across their campaign, including 15 ‘best eco-friendly period product’ features in print and online publications including Independent, Metro, Stylist, Red, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan, as well as generating articles on the brand’s International Women’s Day campaign across Yahoo Style, Grazia Daily and You (Mail On Sunday).