About Us

Who We Are

AVANT prép
French: Before, ahead of, front
a. Culturally or stylistically advanced.

We are a fashion, beauty and lifestyle public relations agency, with a national and global presence. We specialise in executing innovative campaigns that are unique, stylish and ahead of the trends, we position your brand in front of the press before your competition does.

The Story

Where We Started

Founded by Ellen Kelly in 2013, the agency has made waves in the industry, with awards and accolades including the FSB’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year, PRWeek’s 30 Under 30, Event of the Year at the PR Moment Awards, and the silver award for Outstanding Small Consultancy at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Awards.

With experience running successful campaigns for high-profile clients such as Nicky Clarke, In The Style, The Cheeky Panda and Spectrum, Ellen specialises in launching both new and established brands to press, celebrities and influencers, securing coverage, collaborations and content across key media.

What We Do

Our Approach

As a small and dynamic agency, we promise a personalised service and a unique approach to bespoke campaigns that allows our clients to build their own package in line with their objectives, with guaranteed results.

The Avant team are proactive, efficient and personable, understanding the need for clear communication, and are fully immersed in the latest news, trends, apps and conversations.

You can see some of the clients who have trusted us with their campaigns below.


Why Us?

We draw on a wealth of experience with fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, offering services across national print and digital media, social media, influencer relations and more.

The team’s work incorporates a focused PR strategy, unrivalled media and VIP contacts and outstanding results to deliver unforgettable campaigns, with working practices and tried and tested techniques that are always evolving to offer a modern and fresh approach to PR, but don’t just take our word for it…


Join The Team

Looking for your next full-time or freelance PR role? Get in touch by emailing info@avant-pr.com with your CV to find out more about our career opportunities.