The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – The Worst Kept Secret Of All Time

It’s that time of year again… No, not Christmas, but an event that’s almost as big – the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

The American market leader has captured pretty much everyone’s attention in the build up to tonight’s Paris show (to be aired on the 5th December), and the hype around the brand is undeniable; this month, the lingerie powerhouse has earned mass amounts of online media coverage, from the likes of to Daily Mail Online and everything in-between. But just how do they do it? Super models and super marketers is our guess!

First and foremost, the Angels and models. Victoria’s Secret recruit some of the most renowned names in the modelling industry, who boast super-human levels of beauty, while finding that delicate balance between sexiness and sweet approachability. The line-up this year includes veteran Angels Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima (who is, incidentally, the second highest paid model in the world) and everyone’s favourite ‘it girls’ Kendall and Gigi.

These well-known faces have helped to build the (well-curated) hype since the show details were announced and the Angels shared sweaty training selfies in preparation. From that point onwards were a number of strategically planned photo ops, so much so that has an entire gallery dedicated to the show and the lead up to it; from frolicking on the (airport) runway to toasting one another on the plane and posing excitedly in front of the Eiffel Tower, each image putting across the brand’s playful, likeable personality.

The show is, in its entirety, a huge marketing opportunity that Victoria’s Secret have embraced, even to the point of allowing journalists to accompany the models on board the private jet, giving us mere mortals a peek behind the scenes of supermodel life – and allowing for the resulting coverage to come flowing in. The marketing mix is so all-encompassing that even if you’re not necessarily the brand’s target audience, it’s likely you will still be exposed to the hype. But that’s not to say they don’t know exactly how to reach their target market – the Victoria’s Secret team realises that the brand’s consumers are a tech savvy generation and utilise social media and online news sites accordingly.

There’s no denying that the marketers behind the Victoria’s Secret brand are currently working hard and are pretty much geniuses (other contributors of the most anticipated fashion show of the year include a line up of the hottest musicians and let’s face it… probably a near infinite budget), and with such an impressive lead up, we can’t wait to see what the show itself brings.

– Melissa Hassan, Account Executive 

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