The top five apps to use to become an Instagram pro 

Here at the Avant PR office, Instagram has become something of an art. From perfecting the position of crumbs on a plate to doing a full desk clean down before even attempting to open the camera app, it’s safe to say that the hours spent trying to take the perfect photo would probably leave us feeling slightly red-faced (but it’s still worth it to reach those crucial eleven likes).

With the news that Instagram will be rearranging its feed to show users the most popular photos first, disrupting the current time-ordered feed, we’re feeling the ‘perfect picture’ pressure even more, so we’ve compiled a list of apps to try and get those Instagram pics to the top of friends’ feeds:


1. VSCO 

If you like a good filter, then VSCO is for you. It has a range of filters to add to your standard ones on available on Instagram (F2 is a personal favourite, as used on the image above). In addition to basic photo edit options, you can also change the perspective on a photo, alter skin tone and fade the image for a vintage effect.


2. Instasize 

This little beauty is an absolute necessity in the Avant PR office due to an unhealthy fixation on white borders (God help you if you upload to the Avant PR Instagram without it). It also has some extra filters – you can never have too many – and a collage option.

Facetune 2

3. Facetune 

This is one of our favourite discoveries and has only fuelled our obsession with white backgrounds due to the ‘whiten’ tool. Ever wondered how bloggers get those perfectly crisp, white backgrounds that makes them appear to be living in some beauty product-filled heaven? It’s Facetune. And it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to us.

Afterlight 2

4. Afterlight 

Filters, give us more filters! This app has its filters split into categories such as ‘Seasons,’ and has some additional editing features that you don’t find on other apps. The ‘Light Leak’ option allows you to add flashes of light to your pictures which is quite a unique tool – granted, I went slightly overboard with this and look like I’ve set Kew Gardens on fire, but you get the idea. You can also change the tones of highlights and shadows to really control the colour of the image.  


5. Snapseed 

Snapseed allows for a more defined border plus retro/vintage filters, and has a vast range of options for editing. It magically allows you to erase parts of the image and fills in the background automatically to match the rest of the image, which is genius for those times when a piece of avocado goes rogue on the plate and messes up the whole vibe. Be warned, once you get going with this one there are so many options that you’ll be playing with tones for a good half hour, so it’s not an upload-while-you-run-for-the-bus kind of app, but if you’re meticulous with your snaps this will be your new BFF.

Which is your favourite app? Let us know and give us something new to become obsessed with!

– Lauren Mason, Senior Account Executive

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