The Biggest Celebrity Stories of 2016

None of us have known quite what to make of 2016, have we? The year didn’t get off to a good start, with musical legend David Bowie sadly passing away early in January, shortly followed by fellow national treasures Alan Rickman and Terry Wogan that month, and a host of other much-loved celebrities including Prince, Caroline Aherne and Leonard Cohen later in the year.

Here’s a look back at the other celebrity stories that have made headlines throughout 2016.

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In April, Beyonce dropped visual album Lemonade with zero warning, which made headlines in itself, but what really got people talking were the apparent hints that all was not well in the Bey and Jay camp. Tracks like Sorry included lyrics like ‘today I regret the night I put that ring on’ and references to ‘Becky with the good hair’ – cue numerous female stars, including Rita Ora, Rachel Roy and even Kris Jenner, coming under fire with allegations that they were the mysterious, home-wrecking Becky.


Pop music’s golden girl Taylor Swift saw the tables start to turn on her in June, when she split with Calvin Harris after a year long relationship, only to take up with Tom Hiddleston just weeks later. The new couple, dubbed ‘Hiddleswift’, attracted heaps of negative press and sparked rumours of a massive publicity stunt after they were photographed exclusively by a paparazzi agency on a seemingly secluded beach in Rhode Island, marking their first appearance together. Inevitably, the split with Calvin seemed to turn nasty, with a feud developing over Taylor’s involvement in his summer hit featuring Rihanna, This Is What You Came For.

The Swifty drama continued into July, when her feud with Kanye West was spectacularly reignited. Following the release of his single Famous, which included the lyrics ‘I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex, yeah I made that b*tch famous’ and that Taylor had previously slammed, Kim Kardashian posted a video on Snapchat of a phone call between Taylor and Kanye – during which Taylor could clearly be heard saying she liked the song and the lyric.


September saw the shock split of Hollywood’s favourite couple, Brangelina. Angelina filed for divorce and Brad’s parenting was quickly investigated by child services after rumours of an alleged incident between him and son Maddox, but was cleared of any wrongdoing. A custody battle over their children ensued.

In October, reports surfaced that Kim Kardashian was the victim of a robbery at gunpoint in her Paris hotel room during her stay for Fashion Week. While her undoubtedly horrific ordeal drew criticism and question over whether she should be flaunting her wealth to potential robbers on social media, Kim withdrew from the spotlight immediately – she hasn’t posted on Instagram since, and has rarely been papped out in public. The drama continued for the Kardashian Wests with Kanye hospitalised in November for psychiatric evaluation.


In happier news, it looked as though Prince Harry had found his princess later in October, as reports surfaced that he was dating US actress Meghan Markle. After Meghan was hounded by the media, Harry made the unusual move of issuing a statement via Kensington Palace, asking the press to respect his girlfriend’s privacy and report respectably. Best couple of 2016? We think so.


No round-up of 2016 would be complete without a reference to Donald Trump’s US presidential election win in November. The result seemed to come as a shock to the world, with various celebrities including Lady Gaga and Katy Perry expressing their disappointment.

– Ellen Kelly, Director and Co-Founder

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