Ten things fashion and beauty PR girls regularly do

Working in fashion and beauty PR often goes hand-in-hand with a number of stereotypes and while I could spend my time listing all of the important work that we do, I thought it would be far more entertaining to give ourselves up to the stigma that surrounds PR and that, I must admit, we are not completely immune from. So, here are my ten things that fashion and beauty PR girls regularly do:

1. Set an alarm for 6.30am to create the perfect Kate Middleton-esque waves. Turn up to the office at 8:59am with a messy bun.

2. Feel secretly smug that reading the Mail Online can be classed as work.

3. Discuss the Kardashian/Jenner sisters at least once a day.

4. Consider team yoga classes… whilst eating cake.

5. Laugh it off when you turn up to work in the same outfit as a co-worker, while secretly crying inside. You’d think you’d be used to it by now.

6 . Tell each other every morning, without fail, how much you love each other’s outfits. Usually because it’s the same as yours.

7. Believe that it’s perfectly acceptable to have a full discussion on which nude nail varnishes are the best and feel very comfortable classing the conversation as research.

8. Have to explain to everyone who isn’t in the industry what PR actually is. No grandmother, I do not sell nor write the magazines.

9. Live in a constant state of post-avocado bliss.

10. Listen to friends talk about how meaningful their career as a teacher/lawyer/nurse is and realise that your working day revolves around looking at pretty dresses and lipsticks. Smile smugly to yourself because your job is the BEST.

– Lauren Mason, Account Executive 

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