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Over the past few months there have been a number of PR and advertising campaigns that have really taken the industry by storm, showing up on every social media platform you click on and being the go-to campaign when discussing marketing with your peers. From ASOS making a customer a model to Ikea recreating iconic rooms from TV shows and British Airways using immersive billboards, there’s been a real range of great campaigns recently – here are a few of our faves:

Ikea Friends PR campaign

Ikea replicates iconic TV rooms with its furniture

Ikea jumped on board popular culture with its most recent campaign, replicating the living rooms from TV shows The Simpsons, Friends and Stranger Things but with its own brand furniture. Although not directly naming the scenes it is replicating, the marketing team has made sure it is quite clear – and have included the names and prices of all products, making shopping the rooms easy for its customers.

British Airways billboard campaign #lookup PR

British Airways encourages you to #lookup

In one of the most incredible campaigns we have seen, British Airways has taken billboards to a whole new level, with their latest campaign which detects which flight is overhead and offers up the destination and flight number on the screen. So simple yet so effective – and definitely making me want a holiday!

Carlsberg PR campaign

Carlsberg admits it’s ‘probably not the best beer in the world’ 

In an extraordinary act of honesty, which made waves for its unflinching, upfront message, Carlsberg admitted that it had taken its eye off the ball, focused on just making as much beer as it could rather than the best it could, and launched a new beer. They started the campaign by promoting tweets criticising the brand, before launching billboards around the country. Impressive for its sheer honesty – even if that is a PR stunt in itself.

Lionesses announcement Prince William PR campaign

Celebrities announce the England squad for this year’s women’s world cup

In a move that generated press but probably also pride and encouragement for the team, this year’s Lionesses squad was announced by a plethora of different celebrities, each taking to social media to announce a different player. From Prince William announcing captain Steph Houghton, to appearances from David Beckham, Emma Watson, James Corden and many more, the campaign raised awareness not only for our lionesses, but for the women’s game overall – and that can only be a very good thing.

ASOS PR campaign

ASOS makes mocked customer a model

ASOS stood up for all women (and for its own brand) when it made a customer of theirs a model on their site, after a Tinder date had told her the ASOS dress she was wearing looked like a ‘charity shop job.’  The criticism went viral when shared on Twitter and ASOS were alerted to it – and with one simple step, generated a ton of positive PR and enjoyed a successful social media campaign. Sometimes the most simple ideas are the best.

DisC02nt billboard Renault PR campaign

Renault’s disC02unt billboard

One of the most recent campaigns, launched only yesterday, Renault’s disc02unt billboard was launched in Bucharest, Romania – one of the most polluted cities in Europe. Renault measures pollution levels around the city and when they go up, the price of its electric Zoe car goes down, meaning it’s at its cheapest when it’s needed the most. With all of the info shown on the dedicated billboard, shoppers need only use their smart phones to lock in the price and head to the showroom when they’re ready. Smart, eco-friendly and unique – this one is definitely going to be talked about (and possibly rolled out, too).


– Jazmin Farrell-Cabrera, Avant PR

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