Revamping The Personal Shopping Experience

A variety of high-street retailers have offered customers an in-store personal shopping service for several years, including Topshop, Debenhams and House of Fraser. However, very recently there has been a technological move towards online personal shopping services that allow customers to seek guidance for their fashion purchasing decisions from the comfort of their own home.

Personal shopping

M&S, Topshop and Very are all brands that have adapted to the consumer demand for online styling advice by launching ‘style advisers’ on their websites. These advisers offer customers product suggestions once they have answered a number of personal questions, including their age, height and weight. The online guides also ask the customer for information regarding their current style, the colours that they like or would dislike to wear, the areas of their body that they like to either conceal or reveal, and the level of style advice that they are seeking, from a full makeover to style suggestions that suit their current style

Topshop’s ‘My Topshop Wardrobe’ also asks the customer to relate her style to one of five celebrities, including Alexa Chung and Florence Welch, to gain a greater understanding of her current wardrobe and style gurus.

Personal shopping

The online style advisers enable customers who may be dissuaded by having to engage with a personal shopper in-store the chance to gain personalised fashion advice wherever and whenever they please. The advisers also allow the customer to browse the brand’s full range of products that are suited to their style, as well as giving them the opportunity to provide genuine feedback on each of the products suggested for them. Therefore, further tailoring the customer’s online wardrobe to their personal taste.

Having heard positive reviews of these style guides from a number of friends, I was keen to look into the inventions myself and although these advisers are currently only targeted at female customers, I don’t think it will be long before brands such as Topman, River Island and Urban Outfitters follow suit and offer similar services for their male customers.

– Billy Martin, PR Assistant

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