Press meals with Ego

When people think of the PR industry, they often imagine endless ‘working lunches’ and fancy dinners with celebrities and media. Reality check: it’s not usually anywhere near that glamorous – however on occasion we do need to get schmoozing.

Last week I headed down to London with our shoe client Ego, to meet with a few press over delicious food (and champagne, of course) and chat to them about what the brand has coming up.

Our first stop was iconic Soho restaurant Bob Bob Ricard, where we met with Reveal magazine’s fashion editor and deputy fashion editor for dinner. We somehow all ended up ordering pies, which were amazing – I opted for the vegetarian sauternes and truffle humble pie, while the other girls went for the highly recommended chicken, mushroom and champagne – before Eton mess desserts, and of course we made good use of the restaurant’s famed ‘press for champagne’ button.

Next on the agenda was breakfast with the This Morning fashion team. We headed to Sea Containers at the Mondrian Hotel, and enjoyed super filling breakfast sandwiches whilst we chatted about what the team and the brand had coming up.

Finally, we headed to the Hoxton Hotel’s Hubbard and Bell to meet with Closer’s style editor and deputy style editor over a healthy lunch of avocado and beetroot salad. Then it was back to Manchester, and back to the office.

Where are your favourite places to go for breakfast or lunch meetings?

– Ellen Kelly, Director and Co-Founder

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