Our Favourite PR Campaigns of 2017

As a PR agency, we’ve always got our ears to the ground when it comes to brand campaigns and stunts that capture both ours and the nation’s attention, and there are a few every month that will get us talking in the office. So far this year a real mix has sparked conversation, from humanitarian charity campaigns to beauty brands and puppies (obvs).

I’ve rounded up my favourite PR stunts and campaigns of 2017 so far.


Talk Talk’s Kid Critics

In support of research that found seven out of ten Brits hadn’t seen any of this year’s Oscar nominated movies, Talk Talk ran a promotion offering 50% off its previous Oscar winning films, recruiting ten kids to offer super cute and honest reviews on this year’s nominees.


Folkoperan’s free show tickets

To promote its spring show ‘God Disguised’ Swedish opera house Folkoperan, looked to one of the hard-hitting themes explored in the play – how exposed groups such as homeless people are ignored. A number of homeless people performing in the show took to the streets of Stockholm carrying handwritten signs that offered passers by free tickets – they were largely ignored and it took 12 hours for the first pair of tickets to be claimed.


BrewDog’s puppy parental leave

Craft beer brand BrewDog announced that it would give all employees a week off to look after new pets, as part of its new ‘Puppy Parental Leave’ scheme. The brand said the scheme was a step towards their aim of becoming the best company in the world to work for, and marked the launch of BrewDog’s Doghouse hotel, the world’s first crowdfunded craft beer hotel in Columbus.


Lush’s #LoveIsLove

Lush isn’t a brand to shy away from ethical statements and has long been championing cruelty free and environmentally friendly products. In the brand’s Valentine’s Day campaign this year it put a strong focus on same sex relationships, taking to social media to share images of couples.


Amnesty International’s #TakeAction refugee responses

After Trump’s new immigration regime brought the refugee crisis back to the forefront of our minds, Amnesty International launched its #TakeAction campaign on Twitter, which filmed refugees’ reactions to tweets about the crisis, to rally support for a petition to the UN.


Are there any other PR campaigns you’ve loved so far this year?


– Ellen Kelly, Director and Co-Founder

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