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Call me nerdy, but for me a huge part of the excitement before a holiday has always been a trip to Waterstones to stock up on reading material for my week poolside. More recently, having upgraded to a Kindle (the spare luggage allowance is a dream!), I’ve found I need to take inspiration from the books my favourite magazines and influencers are recommending, rather than just browsing bookstore shelves.

I’ve tried to make your book browsing/downloading easier with my top five recommended holiday reads.


Into The Water – Paula Hawkins

The hotly anticipated second novel from the author of Girl On The Train is very different to its predecessor, but equally gripping. Telling the story of a string of mysterious deaths at the town of Beckford’s ‘Drowning Pool’, the twists creep up on you more subtly than in Girl On The Train, and I personally found it more compelling, very dark and pretty haunting.


The Girls – Emma Cline

I devoured this book in about two days on holiday in Santorini last year. The story, focusing on teenager Evie Boyd and a 1960s cult, jumps back and forward in time, which is less confusing than you’d expect and really builds the anticipation up to discovering how events have unfolded.


He Said, She Said – Erin Kelly

I recently featured this as a Friday favourite before I’d even finished reading it – and the ending didn’t disappoint. The story follows a young couple who witness a rape during the solar eclipse of 1999, and the dramatic events that follow for them; no spoilers, but the twists will keep you on the edge of your seat.


The Girl With All The Gifts – MR Carey

Set in a dystopian future where a strange fungus has turned the majority of the population into flesh-eating monsters, this book features strong and compelling characters that leave you not wanting to put it down. I’m told the film isn’t as good, so maybe give that a miss, but the book was definitely one of my favourite reads in a while.


Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn

Sharp Objects is the debut novel by Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn, and in my opinion, her best. Slower paced and much more creeping than Gone Girl, it tells the story of journalist Camille who returns to her hometown to cover the abductions and murders of two young girls, delving into the twisted history of her family and past.


– Ellen Kelly, Director and Co-Founder


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