Manchester’s Most Instagrammable Bars and Restaurants

Earlier this year, the Manchester Evening News ran an article on Manchester’s most Instagrammed bars and restaurants, according to hashtag analysis by Witter-Towbars, and while we can see why these places have hit the top spots (think good food and pretty interiors), we think there are a few other locations that are worthy of the title of ‘most Instagrammable’. So today we present what we believe to be our most Instagrammable bars, coffee shops and restaurants across our fair city:

Evelyn's Manchester


We’re completely obsessed with Evelyn’s at Avant PR HQ – from the seriously social-media-friendly interior (can we talk about their use of plants please?!) to the outstanding food, it’s a regular haunt for the team and somewhere we’d definitely recommend!

Ezra & Gil Manchester

Ezra & Gil

Another place where we can be found quite regularly, we love Ezra & Gil for its cool yet laidback interior, with a host of quirky touches, and delicious lunches.

Tattoo Manchester


There’s a huge tree in the middle of the restaurant space in Tattu, making it eacy to achieve that perfect Instagram shot. Does it get any prettier?!

The Alchemist New York Street Manchester

The Alchemist

Although we have two Alchemists in Manchester city centre, for me the ‘most Instagrammable’ accolade has to go to the New York Street branch – with windows filled with fairy lights, it’s particularly special around Christmas.

Foundation coffee house Manchester


Foundation is Instagrammable in a sparse, industrial, sense – perfect for the city of Manchester. The subway tiled walls are #goals and I love the little details like the hexagonal shelves and small potted plants.

Federal Manchester


Tiny but with a host of style, Federal is one of the city’s most popular breakfast joints – and with the insanely tasty food they serve, I’m not surprised! The stools remind me of school science classes, but I can only wish our lab had been as cool as Federal is.

Refuge by Volta Manchester


It wouldn’t be a list of Instagrammable Manchester venues without a mention for one of the newer spaces, Refuge. From the ‘greenhouse’ in the middle of the restaurant (and another indoor tree), to those snug booths, the lights that I must have in my house and the myriad of original features, there’s not a part of Refuge that wouldn’t look good on a grid. It’s worth the visit just for the photos alone (but I’d suggest getting a bottle of wine, too!)

Which are your favourite Instagram-friendly joints around Manchester? Tweet us @avant_pr if there’s anywhere you think is a must-visit!

– Jazmin Cabrera, Director and Co-Founder

(Photo credits: @CourtneyEdwarrds, @EzraandGil, @lorenaarmstrongx, @skalsh, @whitwell, @zachtze)

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