International Women’s Day: Our Most Inspirational Women

The industry we work in is very female-friendly – we count ourselves lucky to work with inspiring women every day, whether they’re clients, journalists, celebrities, influencers or even each other. And that’s not to mention the women we have in our personal lives who inspire and encourage us to be the best people we can be.

So this International Women’s Day, to celebrate the women around us, I asked the team to answer the question ‘which woman inspires you?’ and here’s what they said:

Chrissy Teigen

Leah Gibbons, PR and Social Assistant

My inspirational woman is Chrissy Teigen. Not only are her and John Legend ultimate couple goals, but she’s not the typical celeb; she’s used her fame to build a career, a business and to inspire women to not take life so seriously, using social media to be more transparent than most. She shares photos of her ‘real life’ – stretch marks, junk food and most recently opening up about her post partum depression, which makes me really respect her.

Ellen Kelly, Director and Co-Founder
My mum. She has always taught me to work hard and be independent. She supports me in everything I do and is always there when I need her, and knowing that she and my dad both had faith in my ability to set up Avant PR has really given me confidence over the last four years.

She also reminds me daily how important it is to be kind and to give people your time – where I’m from, my mum can’t pop to the shops without bumping into friendly faces wanting to stop and chat to her, and is always selflessly helping others out.


Melissa Hassan, Account Executive

My inspirational woman is my friend Alex. She has been a big inspiration to me throughout the past 18 months because she is one of the strongest, most kind hearted young women I’ve met! She’ll never fail to put a smile on your face and is a real ray of sunshine. She may have been through a whole lot, but she carries herself like a queen.

Amanda Spence, Senior Account Executive

My mum inspires me because she’s honest and so caring. She tells it like it is – and we all need someone like that in our lives – but she supports me in anything I do, too.


Jazmin Cabrera, Director and Co-Founder

And as for me? Well it’s a really tough question – there are so many inspirational women around me, whether I know them personally or not, but I’ve narrowed it down to two, who I can’t choose between; my mum (that’s her in the pic above) and my auntie.

My mum and her family were made to leave their home in Chile during the coup d’état in 1973 and eventually found themselves, as children, in a foreign country, unable to speak the language and not knowing anybody. In the years since, they’ve built such impressive lives for themselves and made their new countries their homes (my auntie moved to New York a number of years ago now) – I’ve never met two stronger women. In addition to their strength, they’re also funny, supportive, kind and proud of their families and I couldn’t wish for two better role models in my life.

Which women around you do you find most inspirational? Don’t forget to tell them – today’s the perfect day for it!

– Jazmin Cabrera, Director and Co-Founder

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