Hiddleswift: True Love or Failed PR Stunt?

And so it ends; Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s whirlwind romance has, rather unsurprisingly, come to an end after just a few short months.

The romance of the year seemed to go from 0 to 60 in approximately 0.2 seconds, with the couple being spotted out with Tom’s mum, frolicking with Taylor’s squad and having some very public displays of affection (who can forget the I <3 TS tee?) within days of making it official. There was even talk of wedding bells in some press. Woah.

But being in the industry we’re in and being as sceptical as that makes us, everybody in the Avant PR office was suspicious from the start; in a world where most celebrities try the hardest to hide their relationships, why were Tom and Taylor flaunting it? How had she fallen so deeply in love just months after splitting from long term beau Calvin Harris? Why were we seeing pictures of her meeting his mum? Why was he wearing that t-shirt?! It all just seemed a bit staged.

A discussion between the team has raised a few questions about the PR stunt side of things, however – the main one being WHY? What did both Taylor and Tom have to gain? Rumours were rife that Tom was courting the attention in order to become the next Bond, while other conspiracy theories thought the couple were making Taylor’s next music video (which we’re still hoping is true). While it did raise Tom’s profile and ensure Hiddleswift were constantly in the press and being talked about, we’re not too sure it was the sort of press they necessarily wanted – and if rumours are to be believed, it also ruined his chances of taking over from Daniel Craig as 007.

Whether it was true love or a managed fake romance, we’re not entirely sure we’ve seen the last of the Hiddleswift saga yet (especially with the latest arguments for why they split up coming out of each camp). Bring on the music video.

– Jazmin Cabrera, Director and Co-Founder

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