Get Caught Up in the Latest Fishnet Tights Trend

Let’s be honest, we have all had a bad experience with tights. Whether they’re cutting off your circulation, constantly falling down or getting laddered every time you wear a pair, there’s always a problem to contend with – but yet we carry on, as they are so worth it; they’re perfect for keeping you warm in the Winter, covering up when your skirt is just that bit too short and hiding legs that haven’t seen the sun (or a fake tan bottle) for a while!

This season though, we’re moving away from standard black opaques and towards the fishnet tight trend that was first seen on Kim Kardashian, who wore them under a pair of jeans. Although they’re not great for keeping warm or covering up, fishnets give an effortlessly stylish and comfortable look and are the style of choice for all of our favourite celebrities and social influencers at the moment!

Fishnet tights trend

Stuck on how to pull off the trend? We’d suggest the following hints and tips:

  • Wear them above your high-waisted jeans, preventing them from falling down – plus that’s a fashion statement in its own right, too!
  • Don’t worry about making more or bigger holes – think of it as personalisation.
  • Go for fishnet socks if you can’t quite bring yourself to go for the full look just yet – they look great just peeking out under a pair of cropped jeans and are perfect for a sports luxe look.
  • Make like Kim K and wear with ripped jeans, a faux fur coat and trainers or boots for effortlessly cool street style.

Ready to take on the fishnet challenge? We’ve seen some great tights and socks over at Dressed in Lucy, LAMODA Topshop and ASOS.

Let us know how you get on and enjoy introducing fishnets in to your wardrobe!

– Lydia Wong, PR Intern


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