Friday Favourites: 9th December 2016

The Killing

Ellen Kelly, Director and Co-Founder

This week I’ve been loving US crime drama series The Killing – that actually might be a slight understatement; I think I’m fully addicted.

I’m late to the party on this one – the first season aired back in 2011 – but I’ve been on the lookout for a detective series to fill the void The Missing recently left in my life, and stumbled across this on Netflix. Having already heard rave reviews of both the US series and the Danish series on which this one’s based, it didn’t take me look to get hooked.

I won’t give away any spoilers, but the first two seasons follow homicide detectives Linden and Holder as they solve the murder of local teenager Rosie Larsen. It’s pretty dark and gritty, and there are many plot twists and turns – it takes 26 episodes for the conclusion of the case to be reached. If you’re into crime or detective dramas, and love the type of show where you can’t wait to watch the next episode, I’d definitely recommend it.

Costa Christmas cups

Billy Martin, PR Assistant

My Friday favourite this week goes to Costa’s seasonal honeycomb latte. I’m a big fan of the festive drinks that chains such as Costa and Starbucks bring out during the winter and this year Costa definitely didn’t disappoint with this new flavour. Costa’s cups are all designed with colourful Christmas jumper prints too which help to get you in the festive spirit – something that I have been struggling with due to looming university deadlines! I would definitely recommend trying this latte if you haven’t yet as I am already looking forward to my next one!

Yard and Coop Manchester

Amanda Spence, Senior Account Executive

I was dying to try the Northern Quarter’s Yard & Coop after hearing so much about it, and when I finally got to visit a few days ago, it definitely didn’t disappoint.

It’s a really simple set up; a laid-back dining style with only a few things on offer, but if you love chicken, cheese and chips, you can’t go wrong!

I opted for the chicken breast with sweet potato fries and BBQ sauce, with ‘not chicken nuggets’ (deep fried halloumi) and deep fried macaroni balls on the side – all of which was amazing and it’s safe to say I was positively stuffed afterwards! Even though the food is simple, Yard & Coop pull it off well with different sauces and quirky styles of eating different foods, and the service was really friendly and quick.

All in all, I really loved Yard & Coop and would definitely return!

Mildred's London

Jazmin Cabrera, Director and Co-Founder

Carrying on with the food and drink theme we seem to be establishing this week, my Friday favourite has to be London eaterie Mildred’s. In the capital for a great digital course with eConsultancy and Fashion and Beauty Monitor earlier this week, I met up with a good friend for dinner and she introduced me to the vegetarian and vegan wonder that is Mildred’s. She and our other dinner companion went for the sweet potato and green bean curry (pictured) – so good that my friend went back and had it again the next night! – while I indulged in the black turtle bean and squash burrito, which was divine.

Even if you’re not vegetarian or vegan, Mildred’s is well worth checking out –the food is sublime and I’ll definitely be back next time I pop to London!


Melissa Hassan, Account Executive

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been loving the new album from Bruno Mars, 24K Magic.

I’ve been a fan of Bruno’s previous albums so was excited to give this a listen when it was released in November. I’m also a lover of all things R&B, particularly old R&B, and 24K Magic definitely has an old school vibe that I could only describe as (and I never use this word)… Funky.

The album includes a couple of super sexy slow jams but is mostly fun, upbeat and 80s/90s inspired – Uptown Funk style. I definitely recommend having a listen, preferably before heading out, as it will definitely get you in the mood dress up and to throw a few shapes. My only criticism is that with only nine tracks, it leaves me wanting a little more every time I listen!

– The Avant PR team

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