Friday Favourites: 30th September 2016


Lauren Mason, Senior Account Executive

Having been a huge Bridget Jones fangirl for years now (I must have seen the movies at least 30 times each, but then again, who hasn’t?), I had mixed expectations about the new film. With Hugh Grant out of the picture and new heartthrob Patrick Dempsey on the scene, plus the fact that their faces (quite rightly) haven’t all been frozen in time since 2004, I wasn’t sure that it would even feel familiar to me any more.

However, spoilers aside, Bridget Jones’ Baby was the first film in a long time that had me laughing out loud the entire way through. While things have certainly changed, the fundamental aspects of Bridget’s character that had us fall in love with her way back in 2001 still remain. Charming, warm and clumsy as ever, the film follows Bridget on a journey through one of her stickiest situations to date, with both old faces and new giving the film the update it needed without straying too far from the stories we have come to know and love.

If you need a feel-good film that’s going to have your boyfriend muttering reluctantly under his breath that ‘it was actually alright,’ I couldn’t recommend it more!


bomber jacket

Jayna Mistry, PR Assistant

My Friday favourite this week is the bomber jacket – I currently own five and have no doubt that my collection is going to keep growing! I love how cosy they are, and the different styles and designs they come in at the moment means you can team one with every outfit.

My current favourite is the H&M satin bomber – it’s available in four different colours, which is a perfect reason to buy all four right?!  It is definitely my perfect wardrobe staple.



Amanda Spence, Account Executive

This week I’m loving the Headspace app. I downloaded this from the Apple Store about two weeks ago, and started my 10 day trial.

The trial is called ‘Take 10’ – it’s all about taking 10 minutes out of your day, just to fully relax and live in that moment. The app includes a lot of visual videos about the mind, which are great to relate to.

Each day’s exercise is similar, involving making sure you are in a comfortable position, and beginning with some basic breathing techniques. The app’s creator Andy talks throughout the 10 minutes to guide you along the meditation. He advises ‘taking 10’ in the morning, as it’s a great start to the day – but whatever works for you is fine.

Throughout the trial you are taught different breathing techniques which can be used in everyday life, and how to be at one with your thoughts. Andy notes that lot of people get stressed about their thoughts, but this technique allows for any thoughts to come and go, and advises you just to observe them without judging. This puts you into a really positive mindset and relaxes you for the day ahead.

I have only positive things to say about this app, although you do have to subscribe and pay £9.99 per month thereafter – it’s one of the best meditation apps I’ve used. Included in the monthly price is specific guided meditation for things like stress or sleep, which is really useful for a lot of people.


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Jazmin Cabrera, Director and Co-Founder

Having just got a new house, I keep finding myself spending a lot of time wandering around my new favourite shop Homesense, marvelling over the bits I ‘must’ have, including these stunning statement gold lamps, which were a purchase from earlier this week. They’ll be the perfect home accessory and I can’t wait to move in and find a place for them!



Billy Martin, PR Assistant

My Friday favourite this week is my current gripping read, The Girl On The Train. This psychological thriller centres around the daily train commute of Rachel Watson, an alcoholic who enjoys watching and fantasizing about the lives of a couple whose house she passes every day. Without giving too much away, a shocking event occurs concerning the couple who, previously, seemed to have the ‘perfect’ life in Rachel’s mind. Rachel then becomes complexly involved in the events, which forces her to face up to her dark past.

This book was recommended to me by several friends and family members and I can definitely understand why – I’m forcing myself not to read too fast so I can savour the story for as long as possible!

The film adaptation is also out next week so that’s a must-see for me.



Ellen Kelly, Director and Co-Founder

This week I ventured down to London with our client, shoe brand Ego, for breakfast, lunch and dinner with some key journalists. On Tuesday evening we headed to iconic Soho restaurant Bob Bob Ricard with Reveal magazine’s fashion editor and deputy fashion editor, to enjoy a catch up over delicious food and of course, pressing the famed champagne button.

We somehow all ended up ordering pies of some variation (you can take the girls out of the north!), alongside amazing desserts and endless champagne. The restaurant itself is so plush and chilled – I’d definitely recommend visiting if you’re ever looking for somewhere nice to eat in London.

– The Avant PR team

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