Friday Favourites: 28th October 2016

Deliciously Ella's loaded potato skins

Ellen Kelly, Director and Co-Founder

This week, my Friday favourite is food related – more specifically, it’s Deliciously Ella’s loaded Mexican style potato skins, which have become my favourite weeknight dinner to make.

I went vegan a couple of months ago and now find myself looking to Ella’s cookbooks and website more often than not, for recipes that are filling and tasty without using any meat or dairy products. These potatoes have become a firm favourite as they’re pretty simple to make, and the combination of tomatoes and black beans teamed with guacamole and cashew cream, in a crispy potato skin, is perfect. I urge you to try them next week!The Apprentice

Amanda Spence, Senior Account Executive

I know it’s been back on for a few weeks now but I am really enjoying watching the new series of The Apprentice. I haven’t watched it for a few years to be honest – I think you can overdo those type of shows – but a break from all the drama of other types of reality TV is quite nice and I enjoy seeing normal people grafting for their dream job! That said, the main reason I started watching The Apprentice again is because I started reading Karren Brady’s Strong Woman book, which inspired me to give the new series a try.

I’ve only watched a few episodes, but in last week’s episode the teams had to make and sell sweets, which I found really interesting. So far, my favourite is Jess – she seems really down to earth and genuine compared to some of the other and of course we have to support our fellow Northerners!

Bongo's Bingo Manchester

Billy Martin, PR Assistant

My Friday favourite this week has to go to ‘Bongo’s Bingo’, an event that is held frequently at Manchester’s Albert Hall. The Independent’s review of the game states that “It’s Bingo, but not as you know it”, which couldn’t be more apt as apart from the traditional bingo tickets, there is nothing about this night that you would associate with the popular game. Prizes include bottles of vodka/gin, a life-size paper cut-out of Ainsley Harriott and a box of Coco Pops (that the winner is encouraged to empty onto the crowd from the hall’s balcony), and with old school favourites playing on the speakers each time there is a winner, players are able to get up and have a dance at the end of each round.

This is now the third time that I have been to the event and the novelty still hasn’t worn off for me! You’re guaranteed a hilarious night with your friends at Bongo’s Bingo and you can actually win cash prizes of up to £600 too (although my only prize to date is a bottle of Woodpecker’s cider…).

Hunted ch4

Jazmin Cabrera, Director and Co-Founder

I have been absolutely obsessed with channel 4 series Hunted since series one and last night’s finale really didn’t disappoint! In case you haven’t seen it, Hunted is a show whereby ten members of the public voluntarily go on the run for a month and are tracked by a team of ex-CIA and ex-police, with the help of cyber teams and even a psychologist. It’s all very true to life – the powers that the hunters couldn’t legally use are all replicated – and it’s a great insight in to just how watched we are every day – from CCTV to mobile phone records, social media accounts, emails and number plate recognition, our whole lives are out there for anybody who wants to see them.

This series introduced a prize of £100,000, split between the people who manage to evade capture, which, along with the participants having studied the last series, made it all the more interesting – not only were they all the more invested in winning, but they knew all the things not to do, too. You find yourself getting really invested in those being hunted and really cheer on your favourites – after seeing the ups, the downs, the paranoia and hearing their back stories, you’re desperate for them to win!

I won’t give away the outcome of this series, but it’s definitely worth checking out on catch up – and who knows, maybe you’ll see me on it next year!

-The Avant PR Team

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