Friday Favourites: 21st April 2017

Stradivarius white shoes with gold heel

Jazmin Cabrera, Director and Co-Founder

With a (my) big birthday and a wedding coming up, I popped to the Trafford centre earlier this week to try and find something to wear. Typically, I failed in my quest, but I did come home with a new pair of shoes from Stradivarius, which definitely deserve the accolade of being my Friday favourite this week.

They have a mid-height, gold heel with a pointy, white body and high cut that I just adore. I envisage wearing them with cropped, flared jeans, paired with an oversized knit or a slogan tee tucked in. I love that I can wear them quite casually day-to-day, or dress them up for a girly lunch or family event and I definitely foresee getting quite a lot of wear out of them (assuming the rain holds off!)

I think they made what was strictly an unsuccessful shopping trip actually quite enjoyable!

Miss Selfridge athleisure trousers

Melissa Hassan, Account Executive

Seeing as I’m wearing them whilst writing this, my Friday favourite this week has to be my new trousers from Miss Selfridge.

I’ve wanted some athleisure style trousers for ages, but was a little fussy so it’s taken me a while to make a purchase! I wanted black rather than navy, with a red stripe, and not too casual so that they look like sweat pants. As is often the way, when you dream up an item of clothing that you need/want, you just can’t find it. But, surprisingly, as it’s not somewhere that I usually buy from, Miss Selfridge came to my rescue with these side stripe lounge trousers.

I’m currently wearing them with a cropped, black long sleeve sweater and pointed ankle boots, but I’m even more excited to wear them with my new red, bell sleeve sweater from Primark and trainers.

barni//it Manchester hairdresser

Leah Gibbons, PR and Social Assistant

This week’s Friday favourite goes to my new-found favourite hairdressers, barn//it on John Dalton Street in Manchester. Fancying a bit of a change, I decided to get a hair make-over and go copper all-over and after coming across this new salon on Instagram (and remembering walking past the big neon sign in the window plenty of times), it seemed the right time!

The salon is spread across four floors with different types of treatments on each: hair, beauty and enhancements. You can even have a cocktail while getting your nails done at their first-floor cocktail and nail bar (literally!)

My stylist was Carmen, who was so lovely and did an amazing job with my hair transformation and to top the experience off, the decor is amazing and makes for a great vibe within the salon.

Overall, a big thumbs up to barn//it – I’ll definitely be back for that cocktail/manicure combination!

13 Reasons Why

Ellen Kelly, Director and Co-Founder

My Friday favourite goes to a series I’ve devoured over the last week – Netflix’s much-hyped 13 Reasons Why.

Based around a teenage girl who has committed suicide and leaves a series of tapes for her classmates explaining the reasons she did it (pretty dark, I know), the show sets about boldly exploring themes of bullying, depression and anxiety in what is a hard-hitting but addictive watch.

There has been some controversy around the show, with people criticising it for trivialising suicide and mental illness – some of the reasons that main character Hannah Baker cites for her suicide include boys spreading rumours about her and friends dropping her, which do come off a bit ‘high school’ – but it tackles darker issues like rape and being let down by her teachers in scenes that are emotional and harrowing.

It’s by no means an easy watch, but certainly addictive and something you should see – I’d recommend binging on it the next time you have a lazy day, as you won’t be able to wait to find out what Hannah’s next tape reveals.

When Breath Becomes Air book

Amanda Spence, Senior Account Executive 

This week I am dedicating my Friday favourite to another book that I am almost at the end of, When Breath Becomes Air. I decided to buy this book simply because of the hype around it; not only has it won numerous awards from titles including The Sunday Times, New York Times and The Observer, but it’s also an Instagram sensation, with many of the people I follow highly recommending it.

The book is a memoir of Paul Kalanithi who at the age of 36, and on the verge of completing a decade’s training in neurosurgery, is diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. As a reader you are taken on Kalanithi’s journey from medical student to neurosurgeon, whilst he contemplates what the true meaning of life really is.

With fear of spoiling it for anybody who wants to go ahead and read it, I’ll stop there, but I will say that it’s incredibly well-written and absolutely a must-read.

– The Avant PR Team

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