Friday Favourites: 17th March 2017

ASOS gingham skirt

Melissa Hassan, Account Executive

This week I can’t wait for Saturday to wear my new ASOS skirt! I mentioned the huge gingham trend in a recent blog post, but have since struggled to find something to suit my personal style, until I came across ASOS’ Deconstructed Midi Skirt in Gingham.

The check ticks one of the season’s biggest trend boxes and the combination of white and black makes it an easy wear; I’ll be pairing with a black sweater or T-shirt and trainers or boots, to suit my style. The skirt was completely sold out when I found it, but what I’ve learnt with ASOS is that perseverance is key! I checked back on the site every day until my size momentarily came back in stock first thing in the morning, and pounced at the chance to buy it before leaving my bed (I have a shopping problem). I’m getting good at that with ASOS.

I plan to wear it to brunch this weekend with a fitted black polo neck sweater and black Vans, and I’m pretty excited about it.

& Other Stories body souffle

Leah Gibbons, PR and Social Assistant

Since & Other Stories opened its doors in Manchester last summer, I’ve been totally obsessed with the clothes, shoes and accessories – spending way much more time and money in there than I should. However, I’d never taken much time look into the beauty and fragrance area until recently.

Earlier this week, after spending what must have been at least 30 minutes smelling everything, I finally made my first purchase and bought the Perle de Coco body soufflé. Other products with this scent include a body mist, body scrub, hand lotion and hand soap.

I am not exaggerating when I say it’s the nicest coconut scent I’ve ever tried. Ever since I brought it home with me, I’ve been smothering it on whenever possible. It’s super indulgent and relaxing – it’s described as ‘milky coconut cruising seas of warm vanilla and sweet caramel’ .

Following this very successful purchase, I’m sure there will be many more to come… I’m dying to try the scented candles next!

Banks The Altar

Amanda Spence, Senior Account Executive

Over the weekend, I went to see Banks perform live at the Albert Hall, a venue I’ve been eager to go to for a while.

The building is a gorgeous old design, with some amazing glass windows! We sat on the first floor, where there were staggered benches all lit up with fairy lights, which gave the space a really nice and intimate feel. We also managed to get right to the front, so we had a great view!

Supporting Banks was a singer called Akazel, who I had never heard of before but would definitely check out again; he was really good and chilled out, and his voice had a real Frank Ocean feel to it.

When Banks came on she had two microphones to cover the two ‘voices’ (one really deep and auto-tuned and her usual) she featured on her new The Altar album – a total new sound for her. She also came on with two dancers (and seemed to have learnt some new moves herself since I last saw her, too!), all of which made for a really theatrical performance.

Although I must admit that I do prefer to see Banks just standing and singing, as she has such a great voice, the whole gig was still really great to watch, and I’d recommend snapping up a ticket next time she’s in town!


Ellen Kelly, Director and Co-Founder

My Friday favourite for this week goes to a TV show I’ve loved for seasons on end – Girls. I won’t disclose any spoilers, but as the sixth (and final – sob!) series plays out, we see more relationship drama, friendship fallouts and a HUGE bombshell for main character Hannah.

I’m a huge fan of Lena Dunham’s work, and the way she continues to write the Girls’ characters and all their flaws and quirks doesn’t disappoint this season. I constantly switch between my favourite characters, but I think so far this season it has to be Elijah, and I’m loving new boy Paul-Louis (played by Riz Ahmed). I can’t wait to see what the rest of the series has in store!


Jazmin Cabrera, Director and Co-Founder

I finally experienced new Indian street food restaurant Bundobust this week and immediately saw what the hype was all about – it was, simply put, sensational!

Based in Piccadilly Gardens, but hidden beneath scaffolding and behind an inconspicuous door, Bundobust is a relatively hidden gem – but one that’s becoming popular very quickly.

The restaurant set up itself is quite casual; it’s mainly made up of long benches with some booths and most tables are to be shared with other parties. The barman told us that the restaurant featured in the Independent recently and that they’ve been super busy every night since (the power of PR!); Ellen and I went late on a Wednesday night and there was a wait, so be prepared to have a drink at the bar first. It’s worth it.

The menu isn’t huge (which is a good thing as if there are enough of you, you can just order and try one of everything!) and all of the food is vegetarian or vegan – but don’t let that put any avid meat eaters off, the taste is to die for and it’s easy to forget there isn’t meat in each dish.

All in all, Bundobust is a great new addition to the casual dining scene in Manchester and I’ll definitely be back soon!

– The Avant PR team

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