Friday Favourites: 12th May 2017

Dermalogica face mapping

Amanda Spence, Senior Account Executive

This week I visited the Dermologica counter in Harvey Nichols to get my face mapped. I haven’t been using anything properly on my skin for a while, so decided I need a new regime.

The girl on the counter was really helpful and quick and told me exactly what my skin needed. My skin feels quite oily which in fact means it’s dry and trying compensate with oil to hydrate itself.

Face mapping divides your face into different sections and relates any problem areas with your diet or hormones, so it can be really helpful to pinpoint what triggers a breakout. The assistant sent me an email with everything we talked about and details on where to use the products on my face, so that’s really helpful for reference.

I left knowing exactly what I need to do and what products I need and am now trying the dry/normal mini set to see how I get on before committing to full sized bottles. The bottles in the set are quite big, so definitely worth the money for just £30, and I also got given lots of other samples and a full, detailed regime to get on with.

I’m going back in a month to see how my skin has progressed, but so far it feels fresh and clean!

Deliciously Ella Every Day

Leah Gibbons, PR Assistant

Since making the move from veggie to vegan a few weeks ago, I’ve been shopping around for tasty vegan recipes that are easy to make and finally decided on the Deliciously Ella Every Day book, which is my Friday favourite this week.

The book describes Ella’s take on veganism (making it a lifestyle rather than a diet or deprivation) and contains 100 plant-based, gluten and dairy free recipes that focus on embracing natural plant-based ingredients with delicious recipes.

I was expecting there to be five to 10 recipes that would interest me but after sitting down and flicking through, almost every page had a post-it and my list of ingredients to buy was pages long.

The first on my list to make is the black bean brownies for my friend’s birthday this weekend. I’m hoping I’ll do them justice as they look incredible and I’ve heard amazing things!

He Said She Said book

Ellen Kelly, Director and Co-Founder

My Friday favourite this week goes to the book I’m currently devouring – He Said/She Said by Erin Kelly. It may be slightly pre-emptive as I’m still partway through the book, but after starting it last weekend I found I couldn’t put it down, and am well and truly gripped.

The Sunday Times bestseller centers around a couple who witness an alleged rape in Cornwall, during the solar eclipse of 1999, and the fraught aftermath that has seemingly gone on to affect their lives for the next 16 years. With hints and clues at what’s gone on, the book keeps you guessing, and I’ve been on the edge of my seat waiting to discover how everything has unfolded for the characters.

The novel has received rave reviews in the press, and I’d definitely recommend if you’re looking for a book you won’t want to put down.

Bruno Mars 24k tour

Melissa Hassan, Account Executive

This Friday I just have to fan girl a little about Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic tour!

I love his 24K Magic album (throwback to a previous Friday fave of mine) and I love live music, so tickets were a no-brainer for me! As you can imagine, he put on an amazing show, featuring a mix of his new and older music and a whole lot of gold confetti. His voice is brilliant live, he’s ridiculously smooth and he might just be the best dancer I’ve ever seen (Usher, J.T., soz guys). We loved every second and his energy was so infectious that we didn’t stop dancing or singing – safe to say my voice was a little worse for wear the next morning.

I’ll stop fan girling now, but I will say, if you get the chance to, go and see him!

Zara black long tunic dress with ruffles

Jazmin Cabrera, Director and Co-Founder

Over the last few weeks I’ve had a serious number of events to attend – mainly weddings but also an awards ceremony, birthdays and many others in-between, so have been buying dresses at an alarming speed.

My favourite of the many I’ve purchased recently has to be this black Zara style, which I wore to a wedding last week, teamed with red lips, gold heels and a nude clutch, and wore again last night to the Prolific North Awards, with black heeled mules, dark eyes, nude lips and lots of gold jewellery.

The dress is a completely new style for me but I just love how versatile it is – as well as dressed up for events like the above, I’m also planning on wearing it with sandals on warm holiday evenings, and with ankle boots whilst enduring Manchester’s ever-changing weather.

Now I’m just willing Zara to release a red version – I’m desperate to replicate the dancing girl emoji as I meander around the streets of Spain next month!

– The Avant PR Team

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