Friday Favourites: 11th August 2017

Gold Zara piggy bank

Jazmin Cabrera, Director and Co-Founder

My Friday favourite this week has to be this gold piggy bank from Zara home – a bit of a random one, I admit, but it’s so pretty, I just couldn’t resist!

I got the piggy bank as a gift for a baby whose christening I went to last weekend – I liked that it was something a little bit different from the traditional silver bangle or photo frame, whilst still being a treat to the eyes, and it’s also a lovely way for the baby’s parents (or the baby when she’s a bit older!) to save for something special, making it the gift that keeps on giving! I started the collection with some coins and I can’t wait to see what the little one ends up buying with her savings (although I may be waiting a long while!)

Cane and Grain Manchester

Melissa Hassan, Account Executive

This week my Friday favourite has to go to the delicious, messy food at Cane and Grain Manchester.

I’d planned to meet my friend Jamie for dinner as a little midweek treat, but as always, was spoilt for choice with restaurants. So, when he gave me the pretty clear brief of “burger and ribs”, Cane and Grain was the first place that sprang to mind! I’d only even been in for drinks but was keen to try the food, so off we went.

The menu was literally split into Bar Bits (small plates), fries, Stuff in Bread (burgers) and Meat + Bones (ribs), so it’s safe to say I was pretty pleased with myself for nailing the dinner brief. I went with jalapeño hushpuppies and half a rack of baby back ribs in the signature Cane and Grain sauce, which was rum based, sticky and delicious. Not content with the option of his two favourite food choices, burger and ribs, Jamie went for the special, AKA The Piggy Piggy Platter, featuring both. The platter included half a rack of ribs, two St. Louis (basically, massive) ribs, two pulled pork sliders and pulled pork and bacon loaded fries. For £15, the special was such good value, and worth it alone for the look of pure joy on his face when it arrived at the table and also the shock on our waitress’ face when he’d seen off what she described as a “sharing platter”.

So, if you haven’t already, give this NQ rib joint a go.

– The Avant PR Team

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