Five Times North West Stole the Show at Fashion Month

As fashion month rolls around once more and the office is filled with choruses of ‘I can’t believe it’s time for summer shows already’ (you think we’d have learnt by now) we’re taking a look back at one of our highlights of fashion month – North West and her catwalk-ready outfits.

From her adorable cream fur jacket at the Yeezy show to matching lace outfits with mum Kim K, paired with her ever-unimpressed expression, North has provided us with endless entertainment as she outshines the Kardashian clan during the most important events in the fashion calendar. And with rumours circulating that US Vogue editor, Anna Wintour, wants children banned from fashion shows, what better time to look back at Nori’s outstanding performances during fashion month.

North West and Kendall Jenner at fashion week


Okay, how does North manage to look cooler than Kendall Jenner? NOBODY looks cooler than Kendall Jenner – somebody please get me a white fur coat and a lollipop ASAP.

North West and Kim Kardashian at fashion week


Looking cute as a button at the Givenchy show, North goes matching with Kim in a sheer black top and is already nailing gothic chic at just two-years-old.

North West in double denim


So much sass, so much attitude – North gives us killer cool girl vibes in double denim and aviators and looks like someone just said something ridiculously stupid. She’s making me feel inferior just looking at her!



I’ve just realised that North was rocking the athleisure trend WAY before anyone else…

Kim Kardashian, North West and Kanye West at fashion week


Who even cares about what she’s wearing? North West throwing a tantrum is possibly one of my favourite parts of fashion week. I’ve also strangely never related to Kanye more than in this photo.

Which has been your favourite North West outfit, and do you think children should be banned from fashion week? Let us know over on Twitter (we’re @Avant_PR)!

– Lauren Mason, Senior Account Executive

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