Five Influencers Giving Us Major Holiday Inspo

With influencers’ holiday photos making us jealous on a daily basis, Instagram has become the place to get inspiration for your next getaway. Whether it’s a quick city break or a week of luxury in the sunshine, influencers are flying around the world to find the best holiday destinations, and so I’ve rounded up the top five to follow for major holiday inspo (and envy!):


Tash Oakley

With an Instagram page filled with shots of herself lounging on a beach and touring beautiful cities, Tash Oakley has a lifestyle to make anyone jealous – how do we sign up?!

Having built up an impressive following of 1.9 million through blogging and beautiful imagery, Tash has now also built her own bikini line, A Bikini A Day, giving her more than enough excuses to travel to the top beach destinations. Her Instagram shows her life on a daily basis, with photographs depicting beautiful spots in places such as Italy, Turks & Caico and Miami – perfect for finding all of the most Instagrammable locations!



Marta (aka ‘A Girl Who Travels’) is a travel and lifestyle blogger currently living in London, whose Instagram page is filled with photos from stunning spots in the UK to the streets of European cities and the beaches of the Caribbean. Her blog and social media pages also contain endless amounts of information about the destinations she has travelled, giving you the perfect opportunity to find out where you should head to on your next adventure.

maria the pilot

Maria Fagerström

Maria is a Swedish pilot who flies across the globe on a regular basis as her job (goals!) and has the opportunity to see some amazing places, taking her 273k Instagram followers on the journey with her. From Dubai to Mont-Blanc, Maria has seen it all and who better is there to trust for holiday inspo than a well-travelled pilot?


Julie Falconer

This award-winning blog is dedicated to Julie’s travels around both the UK and the world, offering up perfect inspiration for weekend getaways or two weeks in the sun.

While taking one look at the photos of London is enough to make us pack our bags and head to the capital, Julie’s images of stunning scenery in Scotland and the picturesque Welsh coastline also make us want to spend our days exploring everything the UK has to offer – sometimes we forget just how charming it is!

angelica blick

Angelica Blick 

Branding herself as a ‘travel-addict’, Angelica’s Instagram page is enough to make even the most avid traveller jealous. Angelica is a Swedish blogger, currently living in Croatia, and travelling the world, filling her page with photos of her sunning on the beach or lunching in a Marbella beach club. It’s enough to induce major envy and have you booking your next holiday immediately.


With inspiration for weekend getaways in the UK, short jaunts to Europe or long trips away to the likes of the Maldives, these five amazing influencers have covered every corner of the world and are letting you in on their favourite spots. Be right back, I’m off to book a holiday!

– Montarna Atkinson, PR and Social Assistant

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