Did You Fall for Them? Our Favourite April Fool’s Day Stories.

Around 8am on Friday 31st March, PRs from all over took to the phones to try and crack news desks with their kooky, creative, sometimes crude (and, most importantly, embargoed!) April Fool’s Day stories. In honour of their hard work, we’re rounding up our favourite fake news from April 1st.

Honda April Fool's Day 2017


I’m not sure if anyone actually believed this one, but Honda tapped into something so current with the launch of its fictional in-car dating app, the ‘H-Swipe’ (said to be included in the car manufacturer’s latest model). The new car ‘features an innovative digital windscreen that points you in the direction of your nearest love match’, and ‘includes directional window wipers, titled “s-wipers” to swipe left and right to accept or reject’ and, well, you know the rest.

SodaStream April Fool's Day 2017


On a slightly more serious note, SodaStream took the opportunity to bring their message of environmental responsibility to our attention, delivered by Paris Hilton. Not who you would have chosen? Well for April Fool’s day it worked. In what must have been a pretty costly campaign, Paris features in a video promoting a fictional SodaStream product called the NanoDrop – ‘a condensed form of sparking water, 5,000 times more hydrating than normal water’. The fictional product reduces the need to buy plastic bottles of sparkling water (as the real-life SodaStream does), highlighting the damage of bottled drinks to the environment.

The video begins with Paris dressed in a number of waste plastic products that were ‘found inside the stomachs of sea turtles’, but I do have to admire the brand for using April 1st as a platform to promote a serious environmental message as well as competing for April Fool’s Day coverage.

Late Rooms April Fool's Day 2017

Late Rooms

I have to say, I was a little disappointed with Late Rooms’ story, not because it was bad, but because I’m sad that it isn’t real! The reservations website advertised for the job opportunity of  ‘Hotel Bed Tester’, with minimum requirements including ‘previous experience within napping’ and ‘confidence working with covers’. Perks of the job included unlimited duvet days and a competitive salary. Well Late Rooms, if you change your mind and decide a bed tester is in fact missing from your team, I might know a girl…

Snapchat April Fool's Day 2017


A special mention goes to Snapchat. Maybe it’s cause we’re slight social media nerds here, but Snapchat had us all legit laughing along with its April Fool’s filter. We all know that Instagram and now Facebook have “taken inspiration” from Snapchat stories for their own platforms, but Snapchat earned not only several coverage inches, but everyone’s respect, and our crown for best April Fool’s stunt by calling out its copycat competitor and introducing a filter that puts your image in the centre of a fake Instagram overlay. Touché Snapchat.

There are a couple more genuinely funny stunts that I’m not going to get into right now, including many a teenage boy’s worst nightmare on a certain video streaming website (clue: it’s not YouTube)… Google it. But well done to all the creative minds behind the stunts and to the news platforms for humouring us on the silliest news day of the year.

Which April Fool’s stunts had you laughing and which had you genuinely believing? Those crafty PRs…

– Melissa Hassan, Account Executive

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