Celebrities and fashion brands embrace stretch marks and we love it!

Chrissy Teigen recently released a video showing her stretch marks with the caption ‘mom bod alert!’, as she is a firm believer that stretch marks shouldn’t be edited out from not only magazines but life in general, and we totally agree! Stretch marks are natural and they’re an inevitable part of life, no matter what size or shape you are, so let's embrace them!

Skin Cancer Awareness Month: Our Favourite Self Tans

May marks the beginning of skin cancer awareness month, a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of unprotected sun exposure, and with skin cancer being the most common form of cancer in the UK, despite being one of the most preventable, it seems a great cause to champion.

Avant’s 5th Birthday: Our Favourite PR Campaigns

As Avant PR approaches its 5th birthday, it's a great time for the team to reflect on the fabulous clients we have worked with over the years, along with the exciting campaigns and collaborations we have been a part of.

Our Favourite Spring Beauty Looks

As we (slowly!) transition into spring, it's time for a refresh not only when it comes to our wardrobes, but also our makeup and beauty looks.

An Exciting Start to 2018

With 2018 whizzing by (it’s already mid-March!), there have been many exciting developments at Avant PR and we thought it time for an update! We started the year with a brand new client in the form of fabulous luxury beachwear brand


Late last week, the Avant PR team joined hair extension specialist Angela Mason to launch her new dedicated extensions salon in West Didsbury, with a fun-filled night of cocktails, champagne, canapés and celebrities - all of our favourite 'C' words! From carefully curating a press and celebrity guest list to arranging paps, organising goody bags and manning the door on the night, the team worked closely with Angela to ensure the event went smoothly and attracted as much buzz around it as possible.

Milan Fashion Fashion Week: Our Favourite Beauty Looks

As Fashion Month continues, we're still struggling to tear ourselves away from the catwalks, constantly devouring the fashion and beauty trends to come from every show.