Face coverings


When the government recently announced, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, that the public should wear face coverings when in stores and locations where social distancing is difficult, we just knew that press would straight away begin compiling galleries of the best face coverings out there and immediately started to seed out


Celebrities and fashion brands embrace stretch marks and we love it!

Chrissy Teigen recently released a video showing her stretch marks with the caption ‘mom bod alert!’, as she is a firm believer that stretch marks shouldn’t be edited out from not only magazines but life in general, and we totally agree! Stretch marks are natural and they’re an inevitable part of life, no matter what size or shape you are, so let's embrace them!

SS18 Summer essentials

This Week’s Summer Shopping List

With Love Island back on our screens, we're day dreaming about our next holiday (and preferably being the next singletons to enter the villa!), so have rounded up our favourite Summer buys on the high street right now - all perfect for the sunny days we're having at home, or that much-longed-for holiday:

Angela Mason Hair Extensions salon


Late last week, the Avant PR team joined hair extension specialist Angela Mason to launch her new dedicated extensions salon in West Didsbury, with a fun-filled night of cocktails, champagne, canapés and celebrities - all of our favourite 'C' words! From carefully curating a press and celebrity guest list to arranging paps, organising goody bags and manning the door on the night, the team worked closely with Angela to ensure the event went smoothly and attracted as much buzz around it as possible.

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World Mental Health Awareness Day

With stats showing that one in four of us will experience mental health problems each year, and nine out of 10 will experience some sort of stigma or discrimination because of it, it seems only too relevant that this year's World Mental Health Awareness Day is focusing on mental wellbeing in the workplace.

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My Favourite Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands

This weekend the Twittersphere was caught in a frenzy as news of cult makeup brand NARS’ new stance on animal testing spread – as the company confirmed its plans for expansion into China for 2017, and that consequently it would now be testing its products on animals where required by law, animal rights advocates and beauty influencers alike expressed their frustration and disappointment that such an iconic brand, long known for its cruelty-free stance, had seemingly set the movement back somewhat.


A Love Letter to Manchester

Since the tragic night of Monday 22nd May 2017, a date that will remain etched in our memories forever, there have been a number of touching tributes to Manchester, taking the forms of donations, poems, songs, concerts and this week’s touching Grazia cover.


A Beauty Press Trip

Desk visits are a key part of our press office function – heading down to London to meet  with key contacts to present our clients’ products is a great way for press to experience them in person and for us all to catch up with what’s coming up from both a journalist and PR perspective.

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The Manchester Restaurants We’d Recommend Even Now the 50% Off Deals Have Ended

January is a wonderful month. No, really! Despite often being touted as the most depressing month of the year, it’s a great one for foodies in Manchester, with the majority of our restaurants offering up to 50% off deals throughout the month! Being big food fans at Avant PR HQ we indulged in a fair few meals out (it’d be rude not to, after all), so here’s our round up of the places we visited that we think are worth going back to, even now the offers have ended.

The evolution of social media

The Evolution of Social Media

Social media started out as something quite basic – a MySpace or Bebo profile where you just filled in a bit about yourself, picked your top friends and maybe decorated with your favourite song, or the MSN messenger username you carefully curated to include your favourite song and emojis (I’m showing my age now) – but they’ve slowly become more and more ingrained in to our everyday lives and it’s now hard to remember a time before Snapchat, InstaStories and Facebook live.

The Language of Emoji

What would you do if the emoji keyboard suddenly disappeared from your phone? Personally, my twenty-first century reflex would have me desperate to tweet a distressed face emoji, and this dependence on using the familiar little icons as forms of expression is not something I am alone in.

Our doors are open!

It’s been an exciting few weeks in the Avant PR office as we prepare to open the agency’s doors for business. Avant HQ has been a hub of activity as we have got to grips with endless behind-the-scenes tasks; from meeting with our web developer to create the perfect website, to designing our logo and business cards and taking part in a photo shoot (with props!) to really cement Avant PR’s identity.