The ‘no makeup’ trend

Over the years, the catwalk has seen a range of ‘no makeup’ looks and it’s a trend that keeps simmering away under the radar even in a world of contouring (see

Dissecting our celebrity obsession

Do you wake up wondering what Kim Kardashian is eating for breakfast? Or do you go to sleep desperate to know what Gigi Hadid will wear on the Red Carpet? If so, you could be one of a high number of Britons suffering from an identified psychological condition: Celebrity Worship Syndrome.

The Language of Emoji

What would you do if the emoji keyboard suddenly disappeared from your phone? Personally, my twenty-first century reflex would have me desperate to tweet a distressed face emoji, and this dependence on using the familiar little icons as forms of expression is not something I am alone in.

A PR stunt we love: Range Rover’s spurned lover

Unless you’ve been on an internet ban for the last few weeks, you’ll remember the

This week’s best celebrity beauty looks

Here at Avant PR HQ, we’re pretty obsessed with checking out the latest celebrity fashion and beauty looks – and taking inspiration for ourselves – and with the