Veganuary: Our Fashion, Beauty and Food Picks

With 350,000 sign-ups so far, this

Black Friday: the good, the bad and the bargains

The annual shopping phenomenon that is Black Friday has arrived with us once again, however this year there has also been a growing feeling of discontent, as numerous publications released articles demonising the day for offering up false bargains, discouraging people to shop local and encouraging consumerism in a world that needs less consumption, not more.


Halloween is one of our favourite times of year, if only for the incredible costumes that celebrities seem to pull out year after year.

International Coffee Day: Our Favourite Local Coffee Spots

When it comes to #agencylife, good coffee is essential, and at Avant there's nothing we love more than discovering new places to grab our daily caffeine fix.


As two friends who set up a business together six years ago, we wanted to celebrate International Day of Friendship today by meeting other friends who have done the same thing, to see how they find working with their BFF and to celebrate some fellow Manchester businesses.

Some recent campaigns we love

Over the past few months there have been a number of PR and advertising campaigns that have really taken the industry by storm, showing up on every social media platform you click on and being the go-to campaign when discussing marketing with your peers.

Five fashion trends you’ll be coveting this summer

With temperatures on the rise (fingers crossed for a sunny bank holiday weekend!) it's time to start incorporating some of the new season's most wearable trends into our summer wardrobes.

Environmental mindfulness: the brands making important steps

In recent years there has been a huge push on being environmentally mindful in not only fashion, but almost every different industry, and it’s great to see the changes that are being made by a number of brands out there – large and small – to ensure that we’re helping the planet in every way that we can.

Avant’s sixth birthday: a look back over the last six years in PR

This week, Avant celebrates its sixth birthday. Inevitably, talk in the office has turned to how the PR industry has changed since – consumers have seen the way they consume news completely transformed, as well as the ways they’re encouraged to buy, which has naturally led to a shift in how PRs do their jobs.

April Fool’s Day – who had us fooled and who was fooling themselves?

Every year on 1stApril, I open up my social media and news apps and read everything with more than an air of scepticism, determined not to be taken in by any of the (many) April Fools stories that have been seeded in to press by not only eager PR agencies and brand reps, but the press themselves.