April Fool’s Day – who had us fooled and who was fooling themselves?

Every year on 1stApril, I open up my social media and news apps and read everything with more than an air of scepticism, determined not to be taken in by any of the (many) April Fools stories that have been seeded in to press by not only eager PR agencies and brand reps, but the press themselves.

This year, I feel there weren’t as many around as usual and the majority of the ones I did see weren’t especially ground breaking – in fact, the best one out there turned out to actually be true (here’s looking at you, music-hating mosquitoes).

That said, here are a few of the best ones we saw for April Fool’s Day 2019:


The Royal Mint releases emoji 50p pieces

You read that right – The Sun was reporting that the Royal Mint had announced the launch of 50 pence pieces with emojis on them, including the ever-so-classy poo design 💩. This is a good one because it is something we could feasibly see happening in coming years, such is the world we live in! I also particularly like the fact that the ‘journalist’s’ name is Penny Drops…


McDonalds teases us with milkshake dipping pots

McDonalds had a couple of campaigns this year, and which new foodstuff you were being offered depended on which side of the world you live on. Whilst Australians were being offered pickle burgers (yep, a burger made entirely from pickles – no thank you!), we were being offered milkshake dipping pots, to make dunking your chips that bit easier. Am I the only one who thinks it isn’t a particularly bad idea?


The Northern Quarter bans stag and hen dos

One of a couple of Manchester specific April fools, Manchester Confidential reported that stag and hen dos were going to be discouraged from coming to the Northern Quarter, through the use of cattle grids (an assault course for anybody in heels) and a detention compound. Not a motion I’d get behind, but I’m sure many would!


Manchester’s Zippy gets a permanent new home

The Manchester Evening News reported every Mancunian’s worst nightmare when it said the ugly wall of cement in Piccadilly Gardens was going to be extended rather than demolished, as previously reported, but softened the blow by telling us it would be to accommodate the famed ‘Zippy’ now he’s lost his home on Albert Square. Not only that, but he was going to have a different outfit for every occasion, including bunny ears at Easter and devil horns for Halloween. I’m not up for the wall being extended, but if we could find a new home for Zippy, I don’t think that making him a permanent feature would be such a bad idea!


The Celebrity Love Island line up is revealed

We must admit, this is the only one that made the team say ‘is it or isn’t it?’ We all saw the news reports and the celebs’ social posts and longed for the news to be true, but with our PR heads on thought it may well be a prank. The line up just didn’t sit right and we did wonder who would announce genuine news on 1stApril… but until Heat put a story up saying it was false, we weren’t 100% sure. A pretty good one!


And the one that wasn’t an April fool…but could have been

I’m still not convinced that the news that mosquitos are less likely to bite you if you’re listening to Skrillex is true – though we’re way past the midday deadline and I’ve not seen anything saying it was an April fool. Legitimate study, April fool or great PR for Skrillex as we head in to the Summer season and mosquitoes become a holiday concern? Who knows.

Let us know of any that fooled you – tweet us at @Avant_PR

– Jazmin Farrell-Cabrera, Director and Co-Founder

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