An Ode to the Magazines We’ve Loved and Lost

With last week’s news about Glamour magazine becoming a bi-annual print beauty bible and focusing the rest of its attention online, we got thinking about all of the magazines that we used to love that are sadly no longer with us. From Glamour to Instyle, Company and More magazine, we’ve seen an alarming number of closures over the last few years and we still find ourselves missing the titles to this day.

Glamour magazine front cover


As the most recent closure (or should that be semi-closure?), there’s still one issue left for us to devour before our monthly Glamour treat becomes a daily, online, treat instead – and we just know it’ll be a fantastic final bow.

Jo Elvin (who has announced she is leaving the title) has headed up the magazine for over a decade and created a magazine that is empowering, sassy and has its own breed of wit. We’ll miss its inspirational fashion pages and the ‘Hey It’s Ok’ submissions that let you know you’re not alone in your weird habits.

We look forward to the bi-annual issues and will definitely be keeping up with the mag’s online content.

Company magazine front cover


This magazine reminds us of being teenagers, followed by our first years in PR. From the standard sized, glossy paged mag to the handbag sized, rough yet cool pages, we remember it in every reincarnation. I was even featured in it a couple of times for features surrounding their get home safely campaign, which saw me visit 10 Downing Street to visit then Prime Minister David Cameron with a group of ladies, to discuss what changes can be made to make sure women get home safely after a night out.

Company had its own breed of cool, which was reflected in its fashion, its design and its copy, but also made sure it was tackling big topics and for this reason, we were big fans.

InStyle UK magazine cover


It feels like InStyle went online only about a week ago, but it was, in actual fact, announced a year ago tomorrow – that has flown by!

We miss InStyle for its grown up yet relatable features, fashion and beauty, along with its beautifully designed pages and coffee-table-worthy front covers.

More magazine UK front cover


In a professional sense, we loved More magazine as it presented so many opportunities for coverage four our clients due to its numerous fashion pages and love of the high street, and the team were all so lovely to deal with.

In a personal sense, we loved it because it was jam-packed full of fashion, celeb gossip and a really easy read – definitely one for the commute after a long day at work!

While we do miss these mags so dearly, there are still a large number of great titles turning out fantastic content every week, weekend or month – and we hope it stays that way. However, it seems that more and more print titles are closing or going online only, so it’s probably only a matter of time until we lose another. In the meantime, we’ll be enjoying every luxurious page of our favourites because relaxing on the couch with a magazine is one of life’s little pleasures that just can’t be replicated with an iPad, laptop or iPhone.

– Jazmin Cabrera, Director and Co-Founder

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