A Love Letter to Manchester

Since the tragic night of Monday 22nd May 2017, a date that will remain etched in our memories forever, there have been a number of touching tributes to Manchester, taking the forms of donations, poems, songs, concerts and this week’s touching Grazia cover.

Being born and raised in this fair city, I wanted to write my own tribute, my little love letter to Manchester, and with so much focus at the moment on all that is great about the city and its people, I’ve decided to detail five things to love about Manchester:


Obviously. If you’ve ever read our Friday Favourites posts, it’s no secret that I’m a bit of a foodie, and Manchester’s food and drink scene seems to be going from strength to strength. Since 2015, when Manchester saw a huge influx of new bars and restaurants, with the percentage of new openings that year beating even that of the capital city, we’ve been treated to a whole new roster of foodie fun.

Currently I’m pretty excited about the upcoming opening of the Altrincham-style food markets in the Northern Quarter’s Mackie Mayor, a convenient five-minute walk from the office… Honest Crust anyone?

A few of our current faves in the office include Don Marco, El Rincón de Rafa , TNQ, Australasia and Cottonopolis, all exclusive to my hometown, Manchester.


I’m not going to give you a history lesson, but back in the day, (the 19th Century to be exact), Manchester was kind of a big deal in the textiles, and more specifically, cotton industries. It could be said that this is what paved the way for brands today and means that, even now, Manchester is home to some amazing fashion labels.

Aside from brands, Mancunians themselves are a pretty stylish breed, too – just check out Megan Ellaby’s Instagram for proof.


Again, I’m not going to throw it back too far here, but it’s safe to say that Manchester’s music scene has given rise to some seriously successful artists including The Stone Roses, The Smiths, Oasis and Take That, amongst many, many others.

The impact of Oasis’ music is still so strongly felt in the city, especially following last Thursday’s one-minute silence, where mourners at the St Anne’s memorial burst into emotional song. Their rendition of the Oasis classic ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’, was a poignant tribute to those affected by the recent attack. Ex-frontman of the band, Liam Gallagher, also performed his first solo gig this week, donating all profits to the We Love Manchester emergency fund, showing serious love for his city.


Yes maybe I’m biased as it’s also home to some of my favourite people (and dogs) in the world, but other than that, Greater Manchester has been home to some pretty amazing , cool and talented people. To name just a few:

– Emmeline Pankhurst

– LS Lowry

– Sir Ian McKellen

– Morrissey

Besides the famous, us muggles are pretty great too – we’ll talk to anyone, whinge about the rain, turn strangers into friends, take the mick, and sometimes even show some Northern hospitality… if it’s not raining.

Strength and Solidarity

Whilst I’m amazed by the wonderful sense, and acts, of solidarity around Manchester at the moment, I can’t say I’m surprised. We’re fiercely proud of our city and its, loud, humble, cultural, humorous spirit, so to us, there’s no other option but to band together and swarm around our hive that we call home.

We can’t wait to see this weekend’s benefit concert, hosted by Ariana Grande, which is providing people with another opportunity to come together and give it the biggun in the face of adversity.

This is by no means an exhaustive list – I’m sure all Mancs have their own wonderful reasons for loving the city – but, to put it into three important words we’ll all agree on, Manchester, you’re mint.

– Melissa Hassan, Account Executive

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