The Future of Print Media: Part Two

A while back, Amanda wrote about the future of print media and whether it’s going to make way for digital – and with the closure of titles such as More magazine way back when, Company in recent years and InStyle in the last few weeks, it certainly seemed that physical copies of magazines were on their way out. However, a recent article by The Guardian seems to debunk the myth:

With 100-year-old Vogue and design and lifestyle bible Wallpaper producing their biggest-ever issues – and “handbag” size pioneer Glamour seeking to bulk up to a bigger, glossier edition – the luxury magazines appear to be defying the advertiser and reader exodus rapidly eroding the rest of the magazine market”, says the broadsheet.

It goes on to say that more than a million, yes, a million, British consumers stopped buying print magazines or gave up their subscriptions in the year to the end of June 2016, with many titles closing, going digital only or, in the case of NME, going free.

So why are they struggling so much, while the likes of Vogue and Wallpaper continue to prosper? It could be all down to the experience – the full Avant PR team agrees that there’s nothing quite like sitting down with the likes of Vogue or Elle over a laptop, mobile or tablet – the smell and feel of the luxurious pages, the gloss to the well-curated fashion and beauty shoots, the prestige of having one sitting on your coffee table (we have a full display entered around back issues of Vogue in the office).

It could also be down to the rise of digital influencers – in a world where we can spend all day looking at clothes and beauty on Instagram, or reading blog posts on the latest ‘it’ products, it’s nice to look away from a screen. In fact, it has been estimated that by excluding digital offerings from news and current affairs titles, digital circulation actually fell by 10% in the first half of this year. In line with this, though not a part of the luxury market, Reveal magazine has also recently announced the closure of its website, while the print edition still remains strong.

Nobody could even begin to predict what is going to happen in the print v digital battle, however it seems that it really will be survival of the fittest – and that creating a full lifestyle experience with your print title, while complementing it with a strong digital offering, seems to be the best way forward at this moment in time. We look forward to seeing how it pans out – and how the evolution of both print and digital continues to affect the PR industry, but for now, it remains all guns blazing with both print and digital!

– Jazmin Cabrera, Director and Co-Founder

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